The 2016 Leadership Mission to Israel

Day 1 – Nov. 12th

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Above/below photos by Eli Dassa

Participants enjoyed an in-depth briefing by Moshe "Bogie" Ya'alon, former Chief of Staff and Israel’s former Defense Minister followed by an unforgettable Havdalah service in the holiest city on earth with the IDF Chief Cantor and the Rabbinical Ensemble

Day 2 - Nov. 13th

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The day began with a visit to the Hatzerim Air Force Base, featuring some of the most advanced technology in aeronautics in the world, as well as the prestigious IDF Flight School.

Photo by Eli Dassa

After an interactive visit to the IDF's biggest contemporary construction project, the IDF Training Campus, the group enjoyed a lunch with the soldiers on location. The day rounded out with an inauguration ceremony for the Miami region's synagogue, including a Hachnasat Sefer Torah celebration centers on the welcoming of a scroll to its new home.

Day 3 - Nov. 14th

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Photo by Eli Dassa

The day started with an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see how soldiers prepare to keep Israel safe under any circumstance with a visit with the Kfir Brigade.
The day proceeded with a visit to the magnificent remains of Herod’s city, Caesarea, once the Roman capital of the region. The exploration of the 2,000-year-old Roman Theater, harbor and 12th-century ramparts were followed by a breezy lunch by the sea.

Day 4 - Nov. 15th

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The group spent the morning visiting Division 91 and receive an exclusive briefing on the area from a high-ranking officer.
Next up was a visit to Michve Alon, the IDF’s Educational Training Center, which is the first stop for many Lone Soldiers. This segment was an emotional series of shared stories by instructors and their soldiers.

Photo by Eli Dassa
The day came to an end with a Druze cultural experience; food, music, and special Druze guests from the IDF and the local community.

Day 5 - Nov. 16th

The day began with a visit to the Haifa Navy Base. This segment included an exclusive tour of vessels and an in-depth explanation of the tools that soldiers use daily, followed by an intimate conversation with the base’s officers.

The day ended with a festive and memorable “Salute to the IDF” event in Tel Aviv together with IDF commanders, hundreds of IMPACT! students, dignitaries, and members of the larger FIDF family.

Day 6 - Nov 17th

During the final morning of the day of the mission, the group met with the President of Israel, Reven "Ruby" Rivlin, at the President's Residence.

Next and last was a closing dinner for the group to celebrate and reminisce about the experience. 

See you all next year in Israel!

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