Easing Financial Burdens

While the IDF cares for all its soldiers' needs when they are stationed on the base, thousands of soldiers are also in need of financial support at home. These soldiers are often the main provider for their families, and are burdened with this financial responsibility in addition to the responsibilities of their IDF position..

When these soldiers come home for a short break, they either return to an empty house or become a financial burden on their families. The DIGNITY Program seeks to make a difference in the lives of these soldiers and their families by providing them with critical aid for basic appliances and furniture, food vouchers, special grants, and holiday gift coupons that help them through difficult economic times.

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    • In 2013, FIDF provided over 8,000 soldiers in-need with necessities such as furniture and appliances, Special Aid, Chanukah Friendship Vouchers and Food Vouchers.

    • Military service can impact a soldier’s future opportunities. By enabling these individuals to serve in challenging positions in the IDF, DIGNITY is helping them become more integrated into Israeli society by creating new education and career possibilities.

    • Cost: You can help a soldier in-need for as little as $55.

  • Since 2009, over 24,000 soldiers in-need have received financial aid through the FIDF DIGNITY Program.








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"My mom doesn't work, I'm not in touch with my father. I don't know what I’d do without the support of FIDF. They help me a lot; they give me vouchers, so I can buy shoes and clothes, so I can buy everything I need for Shabbat."

- Oz, Armored Corps combat soldier and DIGNITY recipient


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