Friends of the IDF held a Chanukah candle-lighting with IDF combat soldiers serving in the Givati Brigade

Among the participants was Sgt. Natan Stienberg, a Lone Soldier from Monsey, New York

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) combat soldiers from the Givati Brigade gathered on December 1, 2013, together with representatives of Friends of the IDF (FIDF), to light the fifth candle of Chanukah and enjoy some traditional Chanukah donuts. Among the participants was Sergeant Natan Stienberg, a Lone Soldier from Monsey, New York, who moved to Israel to join the IDF and become a combat soldier.

The FIDF Lone Soldiers Program assists soldiers who have left their countries of origin to make Aliyah (move to Israel), join the IDF, and serve the State of Israel. FIDF supports Lone Soldiers financially, socially, and emotionally during their challenging military service.

Over 650 soldiers serving in Givati’s elite units were given a special Chanukah surprise; fleece jackets, hats, and thermal underwear, donated to them by the FIDF New York Chapter.

“When times get cold and dark, it’s nice to see that Jews from all over the world come together to help bring us warmth and light. The job we have might seem fun and exciting, but our work is also difficult and tiresome. I would like to thank everyone who makes a difference in our lives,” said Sergeant Natan Stienberg.

“When there are people who think of us, especially when they are across the ocean, we feel that our military service is even more meaningful,” said Lieutenant Colonel Gino Eli, battalion commander in the Givati Brigade. “Their gratitude and the letters we received, written by children from various schools in the U.S., raise our morale and reenergize us.”

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