Defending Israel. Defending our champions in the IDF. Defending our future.
Every Israeli must sacrifice 2-3 years of their youth to serve for the safety of Israel and Jews worldwide. We can do our part with a helping hand for our brother and sister soldiers across the seas.

Where we come from:
Haganah – literally translated as “the defense” - was the name claimed by the original underground military organization created in 1920 to protect the Jewish people from riots and violence in the Middle East, and later expanding to protect Jews in Europe, as well.
Almost a century later, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) continues this mission. Though threats have heightened to Holocaust proportions; waxed, waned, and evolved through the years; the need for defense remains a constant concern.

Where we are:
Since 2009 - when Amy and Scott Smith created a visionary, new incarnation of the Haganah - FIDF HAGANAH has ignited a Long Island community’s direct connection and vital support for the brave, young soldiers of the IDF.

FIDF HAGANAH has already made a direct difference by funding select special projects, such as:

 Flights home for Lone Soldiers (volunteers from abroad who serve with no family in Israel)
A combat veteran’s full university scholarship through the IMPACT! Program
A bereaved Bar Mitzvah child’s LEGACY Program two-week summer camp in the U.S.
Vital R & R weeks for 18 combat soldiers to recharge and boost morale for the front lines

From home to home, FIDF HAGANAH members have unique opportunities to meet with IDF soldiers here in America AND make a difference in soldiers’ lives in Israel.

Where we’re going:
As part of the Jewish diaspora, The State of Israel is our guarantee of a safe, empowered future.
The time is now for an American-Israeli reboot. Together with co-chairs Erica & Scott Donner and Debi & Steven Yadegari, FIDF HAGANAH founders Scott & Amy Smith are expanding the group’s call to action.
Step up to social, straightforward service. FIDF HAGANAH is a modern, hands-on, grassroots movement for direct connection and direct support.

What you give:
A baseline commitment of just $360 a year – less than a dollar a day. Your time. Your care.

What you get:
Great times gathering with friends and sharing stories with soldiers.
A super-cool FIDF Haganah t-shirt to show you’re part of the group.
An active role in securing our safety and transforming our young IDF champions’ lives.
Gratitude. Pride. Connection. Community. Solidarity.

How to join: 
To get involved with FIDF HAGANAH, please contact Rachael Youra, FIDF Long Island Associate, at or (646) 274-9661. We hope to see you soon!

Our first event was held on January 11th, 2017. Click here to view a recap of the first event.

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