FIDF Supporter Spotlight

Making an Impact: The Maslavi Family

The Maslavi family has been a key supporter of Friends of the IDF for over 10 years. The success of the Maslavi family comes from their family business, Jovani Fashions. Jovani was founded in 1980 by Mr. Jacob Maslavi Z”L, and the business has grown into a fashion superpower, world-renowned for tailored, designer dresses for any special occasion.

Mr. Maslavi first got involved with FIDF in 2004, having attended the FIDF Gala on Long Island. Since then, Jovani has been committed to supporting the soldiers of Israel and caring for their wellbeing needs. Following in the philanthropic footsteps of their father, his three children, Abraham Maslavi, Shouly Maslavi, and Mirra Zara, have remained pillars of support for the FIDF Long Island Chapter, and continue to remain passionate advocates for the men and women in uniform. 

Their support over the years has provided critical funding for FIDF programs and the impact has been felt by hundreds of soldiers. One program in particular the Maslavi family supports is the IMPACT! Scholarship Program. The IMPACT! Program provides full funded 4 year academic scholarships to IDF combat and combat support veterans that come from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. IMPACT! Scholarship recipients are also required to complete 130 hours of community service each year.

IMPACT! enables these soldiers to acquire a higher education in one of many institutions across Israel, ensuring a more educated population. Without sponsorship, these soldiers could not afford a higher education. One of the students they sponsor, Yutta Gryakov, is currently studying Economics and Business Management at the Ruppin Academic Center. She writes to the Maslavi family how grateful she is for their support: “I just have to emphasize again that all of this could not be happening without your help! My volunteer work which allows me to get to know so many incredible people, the studies which I enjoy, and will give me and my family a better future. So thank you again form the bottom of my heart.” It is clear that the contributions the Maslavis have made to this unique program resonate far beyond the individual students they support, having a positive impact on their communities and being an investment in the future of the State of Israel.

On behalf of the entire organization, we thank the Maslavi family for all that they have done and continue to do for Israel’s soldiers, they are incredibly lucky to have such tremendous and unwavering care and support.

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