Negev Educational and Wellbeing Centers

The Negev Educational and Wellbeing Centers is FIDF’s project sponsoring 11 wellbeing facilities on the IDF’s new Training Campus. The Training Campus is set to be built in the Negev desert and will be an all-encompassing center for eight of the IDF’s training bases, currently spread out throughout the country. Placing these IDF facilities next to one another will allow for fluidity between different types of training.

David Ben Gurion, one of the founders of Israel and its first Prime Minister, dreamed of cultivating the Negev desert. In addition to strengthening training practices in the IDF, the Training Campus will also enable Israel to cultivate this region.

FIDF’s Negev Educational Wellbeing Centers will include the following facilities on the Training Campus:

  • Conference Center
  • Sports Center
  • Swimming Pool
  • Infirmary
  • Library & Clubs
  • Legacy Center
  • Visitor’s Park
  • Three synagogues
  • Sports Court

These facilities will significantly improve the wellbeing of soldiers and commanders on the Training Campus. By investing in the IDF’s biggest contemporary construction project and one of Israel’s biggest projects to date, FIDF will not only be continuing its tradition of caring for the wellbeing of Israel’s soldiers, it will help bring a national dream into fruition.

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