Israeli Journey
Taking Soldiers on a Journey through the Land They Swear to Protect

IDF soldiers devote themselves to protecting the State of Israel and all Jewish people around the world. The Israeli Journey Program seeks to help soldiers better understand what they are serving to protect and, at the same time, strengthens the sense of community within units and contributes to the individual’s personal development.

In 2013, 3,320 soldiers enjoyed an educational journey throughout Israel and participated in workshops focusing on Jewish identity.

While visiting historic and cultural sites throughout Israel, such as Mount Herzl , The Western Wall, and Yad Vashem, participants experience a physical and emotional journey through Jewish-Israeli identity. They also participate in a range of team-building exercises, outdoor activities, and community service. The program has a significant impact on the participants, motivating them to inspire others around them – their brothers-in-arms, family, and friends.





This powerful journey allows soldiers to rediscover their roots, explore the connection between the individual and society, and strengthen their understanding of Jewish traditions. What the soldiers learn during this experience will serve them both during their military service and in later stages of life.





  • Cost: $800 enables one soldier to participate on the Journey.


"During the journey, we talk about what it’s like to be Jewish in a Jewish surrounding, in a community, in a Jewish country. We talk about values like friendship, loving your land and your country, Zionism. What it is we are fighting for."

- Lieutenant Boaz, an Israeli Journey participant


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