SPIRIT R&R Program
Providing a Revitalizing Vacation

Serving in a combat unit is physically and emotionally exhausting - the hours are long, the training drills are demanding, and there is very little “down time" on the base. The SPIRIT Program gives these young men and women a much-needed break from their daily responsibilities and duties as soldiers.

The SPIRIT Program provides every IDF combat unit with a week of Rest and Recuperation. This week does wonders for the soldiers – it allows them to "recharge their batteries” and to return to service with renewed strength and morale.

FIDF hosts SPIRIT weeks at state-of-the-art R&R centers in Ashkelon and Givat Olga. These facilities were designed to provide the soldiers with the most relaxing accommodations possible and include athletic fields, exercise equipment, a swimming pool, game room, theater, and computer center.









Throughout this week of R&R, the soldiers can play sports, enjoy social events and performances by popular Israeli artists, or just catch up on some much-needed sleep.


    • Since 2009, FIDF has provided approximately 74,200 soldiers with a week of Rest and Recuperation.

  • Cost: $120 enables one soldier to enjoy a SPIRIT week.
    A $50,000 donation allows an entire battalion to enjoy a SPIRIT week.

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"The soldiers slept as they hadn't slept for ages, sang until they lost their voice, and celebrated night and day. They managed to forget the difficult and demanding reality in which they work."

- Colonel R, Infantry Commander in the Nachal Brigade

"Our battalion really needed this SPIRIT R&R week in Ashkelon. The last time we were supposed to go on this R&R week, we got called up for the ‘Cast Lead’ Operation in Gaza and weren’t able to enjoy a week of vacation. Now we are having a great time. We go to the pool, play tennis, laugh, relax. What the FIDF supporters are doing is blessed work."

- Major Erez, Company Commander in the Haruv Battalion

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