Wounded Soldiers Sports and Recreation Program

FIDF assists wounded soldiers during and after their rehabilitation process through a variety of wellbeing and recreational activities.

Many wounded soldiers take to sports to foster a healthy lifestyle. FIDF offers a recreational sports program for amputees and veterans suffering other injuries.



The Strides Program
Giving IDF Wounded Veterans the Means to Live Without Limitations

Strides helps IDF wounded veterans discover their strength by providing special prosthetics for athletic activities, giving them the means to live life without limitation. The program, which focuses on leg amputees, also brings together a group of wounded veterans who, with the help of their new prosthetics, partake in running, bike riding and other challenging activities together. Each day brings new struggles, but thanks to the Strides Program, wounded veterans are revitalized and given confidence, restoring their belief in themselves and enabling them to live life to its fullest.

In 2013, FIDF sponsored the cost of sports prosthetics and athletic training for 9 IDF amputees

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