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Thanks to our generous supporters, FIDF offers a range of programs that address the educational, social, economic, recreational, spiritual, and cultural needs of the IDF soldiers as well as the families of soldiers fallen in defense of the State of Israel.

FIDF Programs

Formal Education


Education and knowledge have preserved the Jewish people for generations. FIDF believes that education is the foundation for a better society and promotes a range of educational and cultural initiatives for IDF soldiers and veterans. These programs broaden their knowledge, strengthen their Jewish identity, and invest in Israel's future. Get More Info

Lone Soldiers


Thousands of IDF Lone Soldiers stay committed to carrying out their military duty despite being on their own. By providing social and financial support to these brave soldiers, FIDF creates a nurturing environment that helps them navigate through various challenges. Get More Info

Fallen & Wounded: Strides and Wounded Soldiers


FIDF assists wounded soldiers during and after their rehabilitation process through a variety of wellbeing and recreational activities. Many wounded soldiers take to sports to foster a healthy lifestyle. FIDF offers a recreational sports program for amputee and veterans suffering from injuries. Get More Info


Bereaved Families


FIDF’s LEGACY Program supports the widows, orphans, and other family members who lost a loved one during military service. Through an array of recreational activities and life-cycle celebrations in Israel and the U.S., FIDF stands by their side as they rebuild the future of their families. Get More info


Wellbeing & Recreation


Mandatory military service places tremendous physical and emotional demands on the soldiers. FIDF’s Wellbeing & Recreation Programs, which range from granting economic assistance to sponsoring much-needed vacations for combat battalions, seek to alleviate some of this stress. Get More Info




FIDF sponsors various Medical Programs that help wounded IDF soldiers recovering from their injuries, and prepare military physicians for combat and non-combat positions in the IDF. Get More Info


Construction Projects


FIDF builds, refurbishes, and maintains recreation and sports centers, cultural and educational facilities, synagogues, memorial rooms, auditoriums, and “soldiers’ homes” for soldiers throughout Israel. Get More Info

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