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The Westchester / Connecticut Chapter has been active for over 10 years and proudly spans between New York’s Westchester County and the state of Connecticut.  Several Westchester/Connecticut supporters comprise past and current FIDF National Board members and show strong leadership to expand support for Israel’s soldiers within the Westchester / Connecticut Region.   The chapter’s dedicated efforts continue to raise over $2.5 million annually for Israel’s soldiers.

Westchester / Connecticut Chapter  | New York, NY

Director of Westchester/Connecticut: Anat Chavkin

Development Associate: Alexandra Picheny

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Articles & Past Events

Westchester_2014Friends of the Israel Defense Forces - First Annual Women's Luncheon

Click here to view photos from WCT’s First Annual Women’s Luncheon


Westchester_2014Friends of the Israel Defense ForcesWestchester/Connecticut Newsletter March 2015

It has been an action packed month, and we are excited to share with you a recap of recent events. From an emotional evening at the National NY Gala Dinner to the IDF Orchestra Concert, our calendar has been filled with meaningful interactions with IDF soldiers that marked a powerful show of support for our community.

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FIDF Orchestra and Israeli Soldiers visit Westchester Reform Temple

Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) and Westchester Reform Temple in association with the Westchester Jewish Council presnted a concert peformed by the IDF Orchestra.  Soldiers told their heroic stories before an attentive audience at Westchester Reform Temple on March 12th.

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Friends of the Israel Defense ForcesWestchester/Connecticut NewsletterJanuary 2015

We recently commemorated the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, honoring the passage of 70 years since the January 27, 1945, liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet soldiers.  Sadly, two IDF soldiers were killed after an attack on their patrol from Hezbollah anti-tank missiles. We send our thoughts and prayers to the families of the fallen soldiers. May their memories be blessed.

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Westchester_2014News and Updates from FIDF's Westchester/CT Chapter

I returned last week from Israel as I took part in the FIDF mission to Israel with 150 other participants. It was a life transforming experience. We visited the soldiers in the Navy, Iron Dome, Gaza Division and Air Force and learned about their daily tasks. Is it hard to believe how such young men and women have so much responsibility on their shoulders. Inspiring.

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Westchester_2014Unwavering Spirit and Pride: Injured IDF Fighter Pilot Survives Fatal Crash

Noam Gershony, 31, grew up in Tel Aviv in a strong Zionistic family, and dreamt of becoming a combat fighter, but “the army had other plans.” He was chosen for the Gibush program – a series of physical and mental tests that weed out the very few Israelis who will be determined eligible for flight school. A highly prestigious position, pilots are viewed as “sons of Gods” in Israel, as approximately 12,000 applications are received, 250 are accepted, and only 50 graduate.

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Westchester_2014An Inspirational Evening at the FIDF Annual Community Event in Westchester

This Saturday, over 130 community members gathered together at the home of Mrs. Ellen and Rabbi Peter Weintraub in celebration and in support of Israel's soldiers at the FIDF Annual Community Event in Westchester. The evening, themed "One Big Event...One Intimate Setting" was filled with poignant remarks, emotional moments and overwhelming passion for Israel's soldiers.

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An Evening of Celebration at the FIDF Annual Community Event in Connecticut

Yesterday, over 130 community members gathered in celebration and support of Israel's soldiers at the first FIDF Annual Community Event in Connecticut. The evening, held at the Stamford Marriott Hotel, was filled with poignant remarks, emotional moments and overwhelming passion for Israel's soldiers.

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Westchester_2014Shana Tova. See what's been happening with FIDF's Westchester/CT Chapter

Ron Bolotin, a participant in FIDF's Strides program, joined the extended Levinson Family for Shabbat dinner in early September.  On September 5th, Lieutenant Amir joined the JCC in Harrison for Shabbat services and dinner. The community, who annually hosts an IDF soldier, is very passionate about Israel and FIDF and finds a deep meaning in connecting with young soldiers.

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Westchester_2014Look What's Happening with FIDF in Westchester/Connecticut

It's hard to believe summer is almost over.  We have been busy. You have been busy - Israel and the brave soldiers have been the concern of so many this summer. Your love and support of the soldiers warmed our hearts, the hearts of the soldiers, and their families. We can't thank you enough.

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Wounded_Soldiers_2014Israeli Mentality/Koach: Three Wounded IDF Soldiers Overcome Injury

Upon David Peretz’s arrival at Rambam Hospital, the attending physician circled the hallway and then asked David: “How well do you think I am walking?” Surprised at the question, David answered “fine” from his gurney.

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Two Words: Thank You

Thank you to the thousands of donors who have kept the IDF soldiers in their prayers and who have been long time supporters of Friends of the IDF

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3 Words: Am Israel Chai

Thank you for joining us on Tuesday evening.  The event was a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together in support of Israel's brave soldiers and to learn more about Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF).

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Lone Soldier Families from Our Community: Commitment, Pride, Reward

Having a child serve in the Israel Defense Forces is a source of both pride and concern for Israeli parents. And while such sentiments parallel for the numerous families of soldiers in our Westchester/Connecticut community, the volunteer nature of the service and the distance from home add an additional texture to this life changing experience.

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Cellist Elad Kabilio Delights at Private Westchester Concert!

On Thursday, May 8th a group of Westchester/CT friends gathered at the home of Ilissa and Paul Warhit for a special private concert by acclaimed cellist Elad Kabilio. The performance was donated by Kabilio as part of the raffle from the 2013 Westchester/Connecticut Gala.

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Coffee and Conversation: NYC Breakfast with IDF Soldiers!

Rather than a bagel and coffee on the run, a group of NYC supporters sat down with IDF soldiers over breakfast on May 2. The event, title “The Many Faces of the Israel Defense Forces:

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Moms For Israel 2014


"The brave young men and women of the IDF protect not only the State of Israel but Jews worldwide. It is of utmost importance that we support their needs. They will never ask but they greatly appreciate everything we do for them to make their lives a little easier. It is a tremendous feeling knowing we do all we do for them. Get involved – you will forever feel the satisfaction!”

- Jeffrey Markowitz, of Westchester, NY

"By helping to initiate and build the Westchester/CT chapter of the FIDF I have been able to share in the exhilarating experience of supporting the young men and women of the IDF who sacrifice and fight for Medinat Yisrael and make the Jewish State a reality....We have had a chance to put a human face on the IDF and Israel as we work here, in the U.S., for our dream: Medinat Yisrael, in peace and prosperity, a beacon of light to the world.”

- Phillip Jacobs, of Westchester/CT chapter

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