Saban Soldier’s Home in Jerusalem

The Saban Soldier’s Home will be built on the compound of an existing facility built 40 years ago and no longer providing solutions for the IDF’s growing needs.

The facility will host:
• Lone Soldiers who are new immigrants, orphans, or Israeli-born soldiers with no immediate family in Israel who chose to serve their country despite dealing with numerous emotional and financial struggles.

• Soldiers who serve in an open base (a base that doesn’t offer accommodation) and live over 60 miles away.

• IDF units holding forums & seminars, cultural and educational activities, unit gatherings and events.

The project will not only enhance the lives and improve the wellbeing of many soldiers, in many cases it will serve as their only solution for a warm bed at night.

Saban Soldier’s Home will be built within the compound of the present Soldier’s Home. The compound is located in Jerusalem near the Israeli government institutions precinct (Knesset, Supreme Court, Ministries, The Israel Museum). Of the compound’s 4.2 acres, the new building will occupy 1-1.2 acres.

The home will house 600 soldiers a day in 150 rooms, with most rooms facing the Supreme Court building, a cultural and architectural landmark. The rooms, 290 square feet each, will be air-conditioned, fully furnished with beds, desks and personal storage space and have a bathroom and a shower.

In addition to the residencies, the new building will also include a 400-seat auditorium for use during seminars, gatherings and other events.

All operational and logistical services will be housed in the present soldier’s home, to include a dining hall, redesigned lobby and cafeteria and an internet room.
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