2010 Ohio IMPACT! Mission to Israel

Members of the Ohio Chapter participated in the 2010 IMPACT! Mission to Israel from November 5th-12th.

Participants were welcomed in the “City of Gold,” Jerusalem. Shabbat options included a tour of Masada and the Dead Sea, the land of Milk and Honey wineries, cheese makers around Jerusalem, and an evening spectacular at the tower of David museum. The following days carried a historical and chronological theme of ‘from survival to excellence’ with options of visiting Yad Vashem, or the Herzl Museum and a visit to the Kedem Battalion with a guided tour around the base and a special drill presentation of how search and rescue works.

The technological and human capabilities of the IDF were shown with a visit to Brigade 769 on the Lebanon border; it is the first IDF armor brigade established on May 15, 1948, and ever since has played a major role in Israel’s defense and all its military campaigns. Protecting the North continued with a visit to the Golani Brigade (which secures Israel’s northern border and carries out security missions across Israel). Service is tough and challenging throughout, and the men must give their utmost. Golani soldiers are known for their patriotism, unit pride, strong ties and camaraderie.

Participants also enjoyed a visit of Havat Hashomer educational training center that provides largely underprivileged soldiers with the opportunity to complete their education and acquire the skills required for enlisting into the IDF to have a meaningful service. Participants toured the Gaza Strip border and were briefed on defense tactics from terror based in the Gaza Strip at the Nevatim Air Force Base in the Negev.

The mission’s participants took part in the 9th annual IMPACT! ceremony. They celebrated; along with dignitaries, that thousands of students will be awarded the IMPACT! Scholarship for the 2010-2010 academic year. The IMPACT Scholarship Program was created in order to grant full four-year academic scholarships to these deserving IDF soldiers who have served in the IDF and come from low social-economic backgrounds. Since the program was established in 2002, over 1,400 IMPACT scholarship recipients have graduated from more than 80 colleges, universities, and other academic institutions in Israel. Among them are 389 engineering graduates, 159 economics graduates, 147 law graduates, 100 exact sciences graduates, and 78 accounting graduates. There are currently over 3,400 students and graduates in Israel who are members of the IMPACT family.

The Mission concluded with tours of Israel’s cultural capital, Tel-Aviv, the Palmach Museum and visitation of the Itzhak Rabin monument and Rabin Square.

You can join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity! To be part of a future IMPACT! Mission trip to Israel, please contact us.

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