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Naama was only 13 years old, but she had already experienced profound loss; her sister, Cpt. Tamat Ariel Z"L - the first female religious navigator in the Israel Air Force - was tragically killed in 2014. In 2015, Naama participated in FIDF's LEGACY Program, which brings together children from bereaved IDF families for an American summer camp experience, where they make new memories and share their stories and emotions with children who have experienced similar losses. Read the story.

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Shai Stands Again

After participating in a Witnesses in Uniform delegation to Poland, Lt. Col Shai was so moved by the atrocities of the Holocaust that he decided to do all he could to defend the Jewish people by becoming a commander and making the IDF his career. But, during Operation Protective Edge, Shai was tragically paralyzed in a tunnel collapse. He resolved to one day put on his uniform and walk again. Then, at FIDF's National Gala in NY this march, Shai did just that - standing from his wheelchair in the presence of his wife, two children, and 1,300 captivated supporters. Read the story.

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Helping Those Who Help

Maj. Oz, a company commander in the Kedem search and rescue battalion, does more than just defend some of Israel's most volatile areas -  he also travels abroad to help those who need his assistance most. In April 2015, Oz participated in the IDF humanitarian delegation to Nepal, where he helped locate and rescue trapped earthquake victims. Oz's life-saving battalion has been adopted by FIDF's Mid-Atlantic Region as part of the Adopt a Brigade Program, which provides wellbeing activities like fund days, training graduation events and holiday celebrations. Read the story.

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A Lone Soldier from France Attacked by Terrorists

Lone Soldier Sgt. Allison moved to Israel fromFrance only four years ago, but she’s already had a meaningful impact on her adoptive country. In October 2015, the Border Police soldier noticed two suspicious men approaching a fellow soldier, with knives in their hands. Allison quickly fired at the terrorists, saving her life and the lives of those around her. FIDF provides direct financial relief to Lone Soldiers such as Allison as well as the soldiers in-need in the form of holiday vouchers, home essentials such as furniture and electrical appliances, grants, and food vouchers. Read the story.

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Scents of the Past

On April 20th, 2017, as part of the Yom Hashoah events in Israel, Israel’s President invited eight FIDF IMPACT! students and graduates to his official residence. These IMPACT! scholarship recipients volunteer in the “Scents from the Past” Project, initiated by Reut Efrony, an IMPACT! student. The project brings together the younger generation with Holocaust survivors for a cooking session of special recipes the survivors remember from their childhood. All recipes are recorded and will be featured in a recipe book to be produced and published through funding by members of the FIDF IMPACT! Committee. During the meeting with the President, Reut presented him with the first copy of this historic recipe book. Read the story.

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