Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn visits soldiers of Shimshon Battalion on FIDF Base Visit

On June 30th, members of Temple Beth Sholom of Roslyn, New York participated in an FIDF base visit to meet the soldiers of the Kfir Brigade’s Shimshon Battalion on their base outside of Jerusalem. 

The base visit, which included approximately 25 people, including Rabbi Alan Lucas, Senior Rabbi at Temple Beth Sholom, was part of a general tour of Israel with members of the temple, who made it a priority to include a meaningful experience with the soldiers as part of their itinerary. On the base, delegation members enjoyed a tour and demonstrations of the soldiers’ equipment, and then bonded with the Shimshon Battalion soldiers over dinner. 

For Rabbi Lucas, experiencing the land of Israel is important, but meeting the people of Israel – including those who defend it – is especially important: “Of course our recent Temple Beth Sholom trip included the usual stops at Masada and the Kotel, but our visit to meet with the Shimshon Battalion was an opportunity to understand the nature of the very special people who build and maintain this great land.”

He hopes that the base visit will not only enrich the perspectives of the temple members who participated in this tour, but that its effects will be even wider-reaching:  “I think the most important thing we American Jews can do when we return from Israel is to be character witnesses. When our enemies try and portray us as monsters we can say, “Those are not the Israelis I met. They are wonderful young men and women like the ones we met at the Shimshon Battalion. Kids forced to do a nasty job under trying circumstances but doing it with spirit and decency and committed to the dream of a better tomorrow.””

We thank Temple Beth Sholom for making the soldiers of the Shimshon Battalion a part of their trip and for their support of our brave men and women in uniform!

If you live on Long Island and would like more information on ways to get involved to help the soldiers, please contact Deborah.Sason@fidf.org or 646-274-9661. 

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