Young Leadership Mission to Israel 2016

Over 20 members of Young Leadership hailing from all over the US recently returned from the 2016 National YL Mission to Israel.  The group traveled across the country for 9-days spending time with other YL supporters and visiting numerous IDF military bases.  Participants had the opportunity to meet hundreds of active duty IDF soldiers, share words of encouragement and support, and see firsthand how FIDF directly impacts their day to day lives.

While an organized trip to Israel was something all the participants had experienced before, all agreed that there was something special about the FIDF Mission. “Meeting with soldiers adds a human element to a conflict we tend to hear about in terms of numbers (casualties, deaths). Seeing soldiers in action preserves my faith in the state of Israel and all they are capable of. Seeing things built with FIDF funds also reinforces the power and reach of the organization. I can't believe the access we had,” says Andrew Tye.

The National YL Mission to Israel is much more than just a trip overseas - it was one that not only deepened the participants appreciation and love for the State of Israel, but was life-changing for some. “I've never left Israel feeling so different. Each experience far surpassed anything I've ever seen or done there before and I honestly don't think I will ever be the same,” says Mission Co-Chair and YL-NY Board Member, Lexi Bakhash.”

Click here to experience the 2016 Mission itinerary and photos. For more information about Young Leadership and the 2017 Mission, click here or call 646.274.9641

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