Spiritual Needs Program

The Spiritual Needs Program uplifts the spirits of IDF soldiers throughout their service, honing in on values, faith, Jewish identity and love of Israel. The program does this through a series of activities focused on Jewish traditions and celebrations to warm the soldier’s hearts and strengthen their spirits.

FIDF operates out of a moral obligation to fulfill the spiritual needs of IDF soldiers wherever they are, building solidarity between soldiers of all religious backgrounds, and making available elements of traditional observance to every soldier that wishes to take part. These benefits of spiritual strengthening will accompany the soldier throughout his or her service and follow them throughout their entire life. They aim to ensure soldiers know they are cared for, and that their Jewish heritage connects them both to the task at hand and to their supporters all over the world.

The young men and women of the IDF carry the weight of Israel’s security on their shoulders and you can help strengthen their faith as they stand guard and protect us.

Lone Soldier Hava Pisgosh Shama made Aliyah from New Jersey and joined the IDF several years ago. Hava is religious and was unsure if her faith and traditions would be challenged in the military. But after spending some time in the IDF, she says, “My faith is even stronger today”.

In 2013, FIDF distributed 2,972 Tzitziot, 9,200 Mezuzot, 50,092 Mishloach Manot for Purim, 157,104 Matsot during Passover and 80 Sukkot for IDF soldiers.

The following is a list of Spiritual Needs the soldiers will receive with the help of your generosity:

Project Tefilin
Designed to wrap the soldiers with love and warmth
• 2,240 Tefilin sets to be distributed throughout various units
• Estimated cost - approximately $1,008,000 per year.

Project Tziziyot
FIDF wishes to strengthen the faith of the soldiers by supplying the basic needs for the fulfillment of Mitzvahs
• 3,000 Olive Green Tzizyot
• Estimated cost - approximately $20,000 – $30,000
• Due to the present tense situation, there is a request for thousands more Tziziyot to give soldiers a sense of unity and blessing

Project Mezuzot
The purpose of this project is to update the Mezuzot of all the doorways of all IDF bases in order to guard, protect and bless the soldiers. Our goal is to bestow safety and spiritual protection on all the soldiers and commanders of the IDF. These Mezuzot cases are specially made to be long lasting and endure all weather.
• A need for over 80,000 Mezuzot.
• Estimated cost for a two year period - $4,000,000.

Religious Scripts
• Religious texts and books for the use of soldiers: Mahzorim, Tanachim and Siddurim
• Estimated cost – $1,000,000 for 450 synagogues

Project Sukkot

The goal of this project is to provide the soldiers with places of dwelling during this festive holiday, commemorating the days their ancestors wandered through Egypt.
• 76 Sukkas will be distributed to 76 bases
• Estimated cost - $200,000 to $250,000

Project Elul

The project consists of bringing the IDF units to evenings of “Slichot” in Jerusalem and the Western Wall. The evening includes activities, lectures, lessons and prayers, dinner and music.
• Estimated cost - $64,000

Educational Shabbat

A spiritual weekend for soldiers, as they receive the Sabbath at the Kotel in Jerusalem and learn more about their Faith and heritage , thus strengthening their spirits in a meaningful way.
• 48 Shabbatot are planned for soldiers.
• Estimated cost - $480,000

Project Candle Holders and Candles

We aim to distribute candle holders and candles for women in order to shine a bright light on the soldiers' Shabbat and illuminate their path.
• Goal is 6,000 units per year
• Estimated cost - $120,000 per year.

Project “Chagei Israel”
( Jewish Holidays)
Chanukkah - The distribution of Menorahs, candles and “Sufganiyot” (Chanukkah Donuts) in IDF Bases as well as traditional ceremonies at the bases for candle lightings.
• Estimated cost - $186,000
Purim - Distribution of “Mishloach Manot” to the IDF soldiers and Purim parties at the IDF Bases, as well as Megilah readings
• Estimated cost - $250,000
Passover - Distribution of Matzot Shmurot to all IDF soldiers and commanders
• Estimated cost $250,000

FIDF also takes a role in the building and reconstruction of Synagogues, to which naming opportunities are available.
Click here to learn more about FIDF construction projects

Thanks to your dedicated generosity, you can give love and warmth to the IDF men and women in uniform, who give their ultimate to defend our people. With this special initiative, hundreds and thousands of soldiers will be given the privilege to strengthen their Jewish Identity, their spirits and their morale.

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